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Align Auto Glass's Agent Spotlight

Updated: Jun 27

Today's agent is Rick Francis of Farm Bureau Financial.

Rick's Journey from Law Enforcement to Farm Bureau Financial

How his journey began

In Rick’s words, "I came to Arizona in September of 2020. And as everybody kind of remembers, there was a lot going on in 2020. I was a law enforcement officer in the state of Washington, and it just became very difficult to be a law enforcement officer.”

Rick had always been passionate about serving people. "You can't serve people if you're not earnest and feel good about what you're doing," he said. "I had told myself that if I ever got cynical, or if I ever got to the point where I felt that the job wasn't rewarding anymore, I would retire. And so I did."

Transition: Marketing for a Restoration Company

After retiring from law enforcement, Rick was offered an opportunity in marketing for a restoration company. "My job was to market to people that could send us referrals—insurance companies, plumbers, contractors, things like that," Rick explained. His straightforward, genuine approach quickly made him successful.

His role expanded as he began leading projects and handling insurance claims. "What I found in the industry was that big-name companies like State Farm or Allstate were relatively easy to work with. They were honest and straightforward, just like me."

Discovering Farm Bureau

While working in restoration, Rick discovered the Farm Bureau. "The easiest company to work with was always the Farm Bureau. They're a A-rated company, which means they have enough money in their reserve fund to cover losses in a catastrophe. They've been A-rated for decades because they do business the right way."

Joining Them

One day, while out marketing, Rick met Brad, an area manager at Farm Bureau. "He liked how I talked to him, how respectful and honest I was. He asked if I had ever thought about being an insurance agent. He said I was exactly the kind of person they were looking for."

After some consideration and obtaining his insurance license, Rick joined Farm Bureau. "I found out that the Farm Bureau is great. The people I work with are tremendous," Rick shared.

The Value of Farm Bureau

Today, Rick works with Farm Bureau, leveraging their grassroots strategy to help clients. "We don't spend billions on advertising, so we have the means to cover claims. Our rates are less than our competitors. Farm Bureau financial services is a part of the Farm Bureau federation, which allows us to keep our rates competitive and relatively stable.  

Farm Bureau's commitment to honesty, community, and financial stability resonates with Rick's values. "They cover manufactured homes, Hyundais, and Kias, and even find ways to cover families affected by the recent forest fires. They offer additional opportunities to save, like discounts based on driving scores."

Rick's journey from law enforcement to Farm Bureau Financial is a testament to his dedication to serving others with integrity. His transition from a challenging career as a former police officer, to a rewarding role at Farm Bureau has allowed him to continue making a positive impact on people's lives. By working with a company that values honesty and community support, Rick has found a career at Farm Bureau that aligns with his principles, ensuring he can continue to serve others earnestly and effectively.

Align's Safety Tips

🚗✨ Three Types of Windshield Cracks to Be Concerned About! ✨🚗

Ok, perhaps you have a windshield crack, and you might be procrastinating because you have so many other things on your to-do list. 📝 Sometimes we procrastinate on our windshield replacements, not realizing it might be more of a safety concern than we thought. 🚨

We have met people who have experienced real-life car crashes where the windshield actually saved them, so we understand how important it is to learn when your safety is compromised.

Below we included three types of windshield cracks to be concerned about:

Star Cracks: Star-shaped cracks with multiple branches can spread rapidly and should be repaired or replaced immediately.

🎯 Bullseye Cracks: Circular cracks with a cone in the center also pose a significant risk if they start to spread.

💥 Multiple Cracks: Multiple cracks or a combination of cracks and chips indicate a weakened windshield that needs replacement.

Anytime you see these types of windshield cracks, you’ll want to get them taken care of so that you and your family are safe. The safety concerns primarily revolve around the structural integrity of the vehicle, which is the reason windshields save lives in some situations. It’s important! 📞 Please give us a call if you have any questions about your windshield crack or need assistance. 480-295-1111

Align's Weekly Wisdom

📣✨ Napoleon Hill once said, "You can start right where you stand and apply the habit of going the extra mile by rendering more and better service." 🌟

It’s a life principle that’s proven to lead to happier living. 😊 Research indicates that altruistic behavior and going the extra mile:

✨ Enhances happiness and well-being. ✨ Provides higher intrinsic motivation driven by internal rewards like fulfillment and growth, over money and material gains.

When we begin living for the intrinsic motivation for the reward of personal fulfillment, everything changes, and you begin living aligned. 🌈

At Align, going the extra mile for our customers is intrinsically rewarding and the heartbeat of our company and culture. ❤️

What life principles do you live by in your life or business? 🌟 Feel free to share and comment below.

Our Complimentary Consultation

Our no-obligation complimentary consultation starts off with a 15-minute call where we discover solutions for your specific auto glass needs. Our solutions may include:​

  • Auto Glass Replacement 

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts

  • Safety Requirements 

  • Chip Repair

  • Gorilla Glass Solutions for Jeeps

  • ADAS Recalibration

  • Window Tinting

  • Power Window Regulator

From here we can collaboratively determine if we're a fit and if we are, we call your insurance company, get you approved and scheduled. Feel free to reach us at 480-295-1111 or check us out at

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