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Align Auto Glass's Agent Spotlight

Updated: Jul 6

Today's agent is Chuck Kelly of Lumenasa.

Chuck Kelly's Journey Charting a New Course in Insurance

From Captive Agent to Independent

Chuck Kelly started with State Farm in 1990, initially focusing on fire claims in Indiana and later handling claims on disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes nationwide. He relocated to Arizona, where he spent several years in Tucson working claims and lawsuits in the casualty unit. Chuck eventually made his way back to Phoenix joining State Farm’s centralized claims handling department. He later became the fire claims training unit supervisor, mentoring new claim representatives. In 2001, Chuck transitioned to opening his own State Farm Agency, serving the Phoenix area for 21 years.

The Shift Towards Lumenasa

"In 2022, recognizing the limitations of being a captive agent, I decided to leave State Farm to establish an independent agency," Chuck explains. This move was driven by a vision of the future of the industry and the desire to offer clients better solutions. As an independent agency, Lumenasa can now provide genuine advice, present multiple options, and empower clients to choose what best suits their needs after thoroughly explaining coverage and company details.

The Power of Strong Referral Partnerships

"On the personal lines side, our referral partnership model has become a key differentiator," Chuck says. "One of our biggest referral partners is captive agents who, instead of turning clients away, refer them to us, knowing we can handle their clients needs effectively, without compromising the remainder of the household with the captive agent" Chuck continues. This partnership has built a strong reputation for Lumenasa as a viable option for their clients, preserving relationships while providing exceptional service.

Lumenasa's Core Values and Mission

"At Lumenasa, we see ourselves as the nucleus, striving to be a trusted partner to carriers and a trusted advisor to our clients," Chuck notes. Lumenasa’s role as a connecting piece involves listening to carriers' challenges and addressing issues. "Our commitment to being compliant and accurate benefits both the insurance industry and our clients in the long run," Chuck explains. Integrity and exceptional customer service are Lumenasa’s hallmarks, and the team takes pride in communicating clearly and providing comprehensive policy reviews. ”We consider each opportunity as a win", Chuck adds.

Commitment to Doing Business the Right Way

"At Lumenasa, we prioritize doing business the right way by putting our customers' needs first," Chuck states. The team acknowledges that some specialized commercial needs may fall outside their expertise. "When this happens, we go the extra mile to find a company that specializes in those areas and connect our customers with them," Chuck says. The philosophy at Lumenasa is rooted in integrity; if they find that customers are better off staying with their current provider or that another company can serve them better, they openly communicate that. "We ensure our customers are informed about their options, even if it means not securing their business," Chuck explains.

A Legacy of Trust and Expertise

Despite being a fairly new company, Lumenasa's team brings a wealth of experience to the table. With a combined 83 years of industry experience within the team, plus an additional 36-37 years in banking and finance from partner Mark Chambers, Lumenasa offers over 120 years of expertise in insurance and financial services. "Our diverse background allows us to provide well-rounded and informed advice to our clients," Chuck notes. "We understand that our clients' biggest asset is their income, and we strive to educate them on the importance of sufficient coverage," Chuck adds. By helping people understand what they are paying for and why, Lumenasa empowers them to make informed decisions for their families. "Our satisfaction comes from arming our clients with knowledge on how to manage the risks of everyday life and helping them achieve financial security," Chuck concludes.

"At Lumenasa, we are more than just an insurance agency; we are a trusted partner dedicated to serving our community with integrity and expertise," Chuck emphasizes. Lumenasa is proud to build its reputation from the ground up, gaining the trust of the community, clients, and carriers. With 123 Google reviews and counting, they are honored by the feedback and testimonials that reflect their dedication to exceptional customer service. "Call us at 1-855-210-1301 or visit our website to learn more about our team and how we can assist you with your insurance and financial needs," Chuck invites.

"Protect Your Family: Signs of Improper Windshield Installation and Why It Matters"?

💦 Noticed water leaking into your car after a wash? It could be a serious issue! Recently, I helped a client facing this problem, which can lead to damage to your dashboard, sound system, and fabric. Often, this signals an improperly installed windshield, more than just an inconvenience—it's a safety hazard! Here are signs your windshield might be incorrectly installed:

  • 🌊 Water leaks

  • 🌬️ Wind noise at high speeds

  • 🔄 Shifting glass

  • 📏 Visible gaps

  • 🔄 Uneven seals

  • 🔊 Rattling sounds

  • 🌫️ Distorted views

With 3,000+ auto glass companies in Phoenix, choose one with Auto Glass Safety Council compliance for your safety. A properly installed windshield is crucial, providing up to 30% of your vehicle's structural strength and impacting airbag deployment. At Align, we prioritize safety with certified technicians and compliant practices. 🛡️ If you're experiencing issues, contact us for a safe and sound solution. Your safety matters! 🛠️ #AutoSafety #WindshieldCare #PhoenixAutoGlass

Align's Weekly Wisdom

The song "You Get What You Give" by New Radicals is a powerful anthem about resilience and the importance of staying true to oneself. 🌟 It reminds us that despite life's challenges, we have the power to create our own destiny and find strength in our inner values. 💪 The lyrics encourage us to rise above negativity and stay hopeful, as the energy we put into the world will ultimately come back to us. 🌈✨ #StayStrong #PositiveEnergy #InnerStrength #LifeWisdom

Our Complimentary Consultation

Our no-obligation complimentary consultation starts off with a 15-minute call where we discover solutions for your specific auto glass needs. Our solutions may include:​

  • Auto Glass Replacement 

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts

  • Safety Requirements 

  • Chip Repair

  • Gorilla Glass Solutions for Jeeps

  • ADAS Recalibration

  • Window Tinting

  • Power Window Regulator

From here we can collaboratively determine if we're a fit and if we are, we call your insurance company, get you approved and scheduled. Feel free to reach us at 480-295-1111 or check us out at

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